Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con Tickets NOW ON SALE!

Tickets are now on sale for the Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con, August 3-5, 2018.

Ultimate Packages and Weekend Passes may be purchased in advance, as well as tickets to our Outdoor Film Festival on a HUGE screen featuring a tribute to director Tom Holland:

  • Friday Aug. 3: ”CHILD’S PLAY” (1988) hosted by Tom Holland, Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent and our “CHILD’S PLAY” guests. 
  • Saturday Aug. 4: “FRIGHT NIGHT” (1985) hosted by Tom Holland, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Stephen Geoffreys, and our “FRIGHT NIGHT” guests.

 Full details and tickets at

Brad Dourif


  1. Does Brad also allow photos at his table/booth? Or only through a photo op?

  2. Does Brad Dourif take photos with people at his table or only through photo ops? If yes (he does let you take a photo with your own camera at his table), can you tell me how much he charges. Also will he be doing any photo ops of just him and the Chucky doll and no other cast mates?